Dog Training

Hunting Dogs: Training Equipment That Is Essential

Producing a “finished” hunting dog, one that will perform the tasks of pointing out game or retrieving game, is not a simple matter. In some cases, it can take several hunting seasons and specialized training equipment to achieve the desired results....

“Sit! Good Dog!” Teaching your dog new tricks

A dog of any age can learn new tricks. Your dog should be familiar with the basics - sit, lie down, and stay, as these are excellent building blocks of new tricks....

Problem Dogs; Dealing with a Nuisance, Even When He Is Your Own

You love your dog, but sometimes he can be a real pain! If you know what might be causing his annoying behavior, though, you might be able to do something about it....

Dog Obedience: The basics

Teaching basic obedience skills to a dog can be exciting as well as challenging. Having problems on where to begin? Start by doing your homework. A student can only be as good as his trainer, right?...

Training Dogs - the Lazy Way

Have you ever found it difficult to get your dog to do as it is told? Well, today we're going to show you how to train him the lazy way, and get results every time....

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