Dog Health

Urine Samples, Anal glands, and Dandruff: The Truth About Your Dogís Dirty Little Secrets

When most people get a dog, they think of the fun times they will have with their new furry companion. But there are many things that arenít so pleasant that we as dog owners must consider to keep our friends happy and healthy. ...

Teething: Itís Not Just For Toddlers. How To Handle Your Puppyís Teething Troubles

When most people bring home their cute new puppies, the furthest thing from their minds is the stressful time of teething. Just as with babies teething, puppies will want to chew on everything they can get their mouth on. This can lead to total destruction of your belongings, but there are tried and true ways to help prevent this from happening, and help you and your pup get through the teething period with ease....

Vaccinations: When, Why And What Should Your Puppy Be Getting?

Vaccinations are a very important part of dog ownership. Your dog should be properly vaccinated against certain diseases at certain times to help protect him and other animals he may come in to contact with. The following is an explanation of vaccinations and why they should be given....

Dog FLEA! What They Are and How to Get Rid of Them

All dog owners are familiar with the problems caused by pesky fleas. Fleas are very small wingless insects, brownish red in color, and have sharp mouths by which they obtain blood from their canine hosts. Flea bites usually cause your dog to scratch at affected areas and some dogs are more sensitive than others and can have allergic reactions to flea bites. In general, fleas do not transmit diseases from dogs to humans, but the potential for this exists and they can and do bite humans as well as dogs and cats. Fleas and flea larvae live in warm climates and will live until the ground freezes in cooler climates. They can live on in your home well past this time also. ...

Chill Out: Keeping Your Dog Cool in the Hot Summer Sun

Summer is typically a time of great family fun and activity. The days are long and warm, the kids are on vacation, and the sun worshipers are out in full force. Unfortunately, the season also brings with it some very specific hazards - sunburn, heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Not only are these hazards a threat to your human family, they can endanger the lives of your furry family members as well. As temperatures soar, your dog will need a little attention in order to ensure his safety....

Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks: Overcoming Arthritis In Dogs

Arthritis is a health problem that not only humans deal with, but so do their animals. In fact, one-fifth of dogs in the US, over the age of seven, suffer with painful DJD (degenerative joint disease) as veterinarians like to say. It is also one of the top recurring pains in dogs that they treat. Arthritis in dogs can affect their back, elbows, shoulders, hip and neck....

Puppy 911: Recognizing Symptoms Of Emergency

For many of us, when our dogs are ill, it is often quite difficult to know whether or not their condition warrants a trip to the emergency room. ...

Does this Collar make my butt look big? Tips for keeping your dog fit and trim

Just as with humans, one of the biggest health problems today for dogs is obesity. Many owners think their pudgy dogs are adorable, when in fact they are extremely unhealthy. Overweight dogs can develop the same kinds of problems that overweight humans can, such as diabetes mellitus, which can be very tricky to treat. Obesity can also reduce your dogís life expectancy....

How to Choose a Veterinarian For Your Dog

Thinking about choosing a veterinarian for your new dog? Where do you start? Usually, when picking a veterinarian, we thumb through the phone book until we find one close to home. But just like a doctor, you might not be happy with his ďbedsideĒ manner. Iíve heard people complain that their animalís veterinarian doesnít handle their animal well or they just didnít like his manner. Below are some helpful hints in choosing the best veterinarian for your animal....

Basic Care and Maintenance for Your Pupís Teeth

Many people do not realize the importance of caring for their dogís teeth. As dogs age, the need for dental care increases. The best way to ensure proper dental health for your dog is to start while they are very young....

Got Allergies? How to choose a hypoallergenic dog

For people that love dogs, yet have allergic reactions to them, there is a simple alternative. If you canít do without a four legged ďfriend,Ē choosing a hypoallergenic dog is the best alternative. For those who are scratching their heads, a hypoallergenic dog is not a special breed of dogs. They are dogs that generate less (hypo) allergens (allergenic) in the air, which has a lot to do with the dogís physical size and length of its fur. For allergy sufferers, finding an allergy-friendly dog is the most reasonable choice. This doesnít mean that the dog will be completely allergy proof, but it does mean that this type of dog tends to generate less amounts of allergy causing elements. It is impossible to find a dog that causes no degree of allergens....

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