Good Dog Health Starts Early

The first step to ensuring excellent dog health for the life of your furry friend is to get him checked out by a vet within a few days of bringing him home. Most doctors will recommend a puppy care regimen consisting of a series of vaccinations in the early months and good nutrition from the beginning.

While a dogís psychological needs might make many readers scoff, itís important to understand that proper dog health includes bonding with owners in a loving environment. Thatís why puppy care involves more than just shots and food. Stress, both physical AND mental, can wreak havoc on a new puppyís immune system, for example, which makes him more susceptible to many canine diseases (mange, distemper, parvovirus).

Finally, donít forget your dogís teeth in the overall dog health picture. A good puppy care plan includes lots of hard bones and crunchy treats to chew on regularly - preferably healthy versions, not typical pet store biscuits.

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Written by John Schwartz
John Schwartz is the owner and webmaster of He lives in East Texas with his wife, Shannon, who owns a dog rescue 'no kill' shelter.

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