Dog Coat Health

Regular grooming will help decrease such infections like skin and ear infections. And you will be able to notice any abnormal skin discoloring or irritations.

Bathing and brushing on a regular basis can help keep your dog’s skin and coat free from bacteria that can cause infection. Bathing with a 'natural' and very mildly antiseptic coat care lotion can also keep down your dogs' chance of flea infestations. Be also careful not to bath your dog too much or that could cause skin irritation, flaking and more.

If your Dog is ok (not himself, but his skin & coat!) with being bathed regularly, weekly bathing will keep down the doggie odor, encourage a healthy coat and skin, and also get your dog use to bathing. If your dog loves the outdoors and like to roam, then he may need to be bathed more than once a week. If he encounters a skunk while on his journey, he will need an immediate bath!

Why brush your dog?

Mats in the coat are the main reason! Mats can be uncomfortable, and can cause destruction of the skin, and parasites can hide in the mats.

If your dog scratches the matted areas, he will pull his skin, which will cause him to hurt and possibly bruise his skin - ouch! Help your dog stay comfortable by brushing him often. Remember the longer the coat the more brushing that will be necessary. If you can not remove the mats by brushing, you can clip the mats very carefully by using a
blunt pair of scissors and being careful not to pull the skin. The most important thing to remember is to brush often so your dog will not get mats in his coat and this problem will disappear.

Your dog will soon begin to enjoy his bath time and quality time with you. You will be able to keep a happy and healthy dog for a long time. You will enjoy bath time with your dog as you see him enjoying the attention and the attitude after he is clean and shiny... Just make sure you dry him well, and don't let him outside as he may roll in anything he can to get his preferred 'smell' back!

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