Uses for Dog Crates

Dog crates offer an enclosed space that canines naturally crave. Millions of years of evolution have instilled this desire. That being the case, itís very important while puppy training that you teach your pet early on that his crate is safe and a good place. Never use it as a form of punishment!

Another use for dog crates beyond puppy training is as a place to recuperate from an injury or illness. This is especially advantageous if you have two or more dogs. Sick and injured animals, canines included, seek solitude while healing. They can be temperamental and even dangerous, even if normally mild-mannered and sweet. A crate offers a perfect solution.

In the home, placing dog crates in areas you frequent is important. Your pet wants to be around you and your family as much as possible. So take care to put his crate in a good location Ė the kitchen, bedroom, family den. Again, during the puppy training phase this is a good thing to keep in mind so you donít inadvertently train your dog that his enclosure is a punishment area.

Finally, dog crates double as beds for many dogs. Choose a soft, cushioned bedding for the floor of his new crate. At the beginning, while puppy training, you may want to opt for a washable material, until he learns not to soil it.

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Written by John Schwartz
John Schwartz is the owner and webmaster of He lives in East Texas with his wife, Shannon, who owns a dog rescue 'no kill' shelter.

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