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Miniature Pinscher

Miniature Pinscher puppies

I have an adorable 18 month old miniature pinscher, named Pongo. I need to give him to a home that is loving and hopefully has kids. He’s very active, great with kids, and so very loving.

I love Pongo so much but because of my job and other obligations I feel that he’s not getting the attention he needs. He’s 23 pounds, very healthy, and has been well cared for but he’s so energetic and active, I feel I am not giving him the active lifestyle he deserves. It breaks my heart to let my beloved Pongo go but I love him enough to give him to someone who can provide the life he deserves.

I’m asking $300 re-home fee just to cover some of the expenses for all his shots and neutering. I can his immunization records upon request. Chandy 571-212-9010

Location: Fairfax, United States of America

Sep 18, 2018 #86367